Integration: from concept to fully functional solution

JOMY answers your design requirements and needs by developing a fully-functional structure.

Changing the use of a building, for example from a private residence into a B&B or student flats, creates the need to have new evacuation means.

An industrial plant must be regularly inspected or maintained, requiring access to reach the heights under safe conditions.

You can see an excellent example of a JOMY installation above, executed for the Amsterdam Business School. When the evacuation ladder is not used, the look of the façade remains unchanged, responding to the architect’s requirements for aesthetics and safety.

There are many more situations in which you need access to heights or evacuation.  For all these problems, we are the reliable partner you are looking for.

Thanks to the qualified and experienced engineers at JOMY, you can be sure that they will understand your needs and try to come up with out-of-the-box ideas for a design that responds to your quality and safety expectations. In order to ensure the best communication, we keep a close contact with the clients from the design stage to the installation.

Every day, JOMY delivers unique installations that combine aesthetics with functionality and safety.


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