Custom Solutions

JOMY access solutions are adapted to the specific requirements of your façade.

JOMY offers the possibility to customize all products in accordance with the specific requirements of your façade to guarantee a safe and easy access. JOMY typically propose one or more designs, using JOMY experience to ensure that the designs are practical and provide the desired ease of use.


You don't have to worry about the aesthetic effect on your building, because JOMY constructions are all perfectly integrated into your façade by shape and color.


A wide range of options is available to adapt the mobile construction to your specific wishes.

Don't hesitate to contact JOMY with your request.

Special development by JOMY for facade access
Anodised aluminum special workplatform
JOMY special design workplatform in action
mobile faced ladder on a curved dome
Industrial facade acces by mobile ladder
Mobile hangladder with integrated safeline
Mobile hangladder with gantry on a curved wall three
Two JOMY hanging ladders on an aircontrol tower
A JOMY on a half circle roof
Aluminum workbridge combined with washlift
Aluminum workplatform with rails
Installation of aa aluminum workplatform and ladders
Mobile aluminum workplatform
Pivotin anodised aluminum work platform

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