Egress Ladders

JOMY fire escape ladders as a substitute solution for fire escape.

Ladders are a fire escape solution alternative to stairs. An emergency staircase is the safest, best, and most widely accepted escape route. An escape ladder can be an extra solution for fire evacuation. Why might you consider an alternative solution?

  • Lack of space: An emergency staircase is a bulky solution, and there is not always enough space available.
  • Aesthetics: For historic or aesthetically valuable buildings, planning regulations do not always allow for the placement of an exterior staircase. 
  • The JOMY Retractable Ladder

  • Layout of compartment: Sometimes, it is better to provide multiple escape routes For example, you may choose to have one fire escape stairway and two additional ladders in other corners of the building.
  • The JOMY Counterbalanced Ladder

  • Cost: An escape ladder is much cheaper than a fire escape stairway. Unfortunately, there are situations in which an escape ladder can be economically justified more easily than escape stairs.

To evacuate a small number of people, a JOMY escape ladder is still a good reliable solutions.

The JOMY Cage Ladder

It's better to have an escape ladder than no escape route at all!

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