Vertical Fall Restraint System

Vertical JOMYSafe lifeline on a fixed aluminum rail

All JOMY fixed ladders, retractable ladders, and special constructions can be equipped with a lifeline that is based on a fixed aluminum rail and step-less carriage. The user, wearing a safety belt, is attached to the carriage, which slides over the fixed rail and blocks if there are sudden movements.


Because the vertical fall restraint system is based on a fixed aluminum rail, it requires no maintenance. In case of a fall, only a visual inspection of the rail is needed. No replacements, retensioning of cables, or other maintenance steps are required.


The rail can be used for vertical and horizontal applications with the use of different carriages. Attachments are available to easily fix to most support structures, including floors, walls, ceilings, I-beams, and ladders.


The rail is very unobtrusive. The rail section is smaller than 31mm x 31mm. The rail can be used straight or bent in most desired forms, with a minimum radius of 34cm.


The vertical fall restraint system is developed according to the EN 353-1 standard.


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