Specialty Ladders: Fire escape and access ladders

JOMY specialty ladders are a good alternative for fire escapes, access, and maintenance at heights.

JOMY's line of ladders is the ideal substitute choice for fire escape, egress, maintenance, and access at heights.


The most important criteria when choosing a ladder are:

Requirements of the authorized fire department (there can be significant differences depending on the local code)

• Protection against burglary and unauthorized use
• Aesthetics and discretion
• Availability of options
• Price
All of JOMY ladders are produced from anodized aluminum profiles and meet standard requirements.
JOMY offers several ladders and options:

Counterbalanced ladders

JOMY retractable ladders

Cage ladder

JomySafe lifeline ladder

Permanent ladders without cage

Façade access ladders

Balcony ladders

Rooftop gliding ladder

JomyGlider ladder

Custom ladder constructions


To provide a safe route to the JOMY escape ladder, a JOMY access balcony is available as an option.

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