Custom Ladder Constructions

Your own customized JOMY ladder construction is in reach.

JOMY offers a wide array of options to customize your JOMY ladder. The ladder can be adapted to your specific needs and wishes.


Options include:

  • Ladders with safety cage, with complete hoops, 3/4 hoops, or 1/2 hoops
  • Ladders without safety cage
  • Fall arrest system for; lifeline with fixed aluminum rail and carriage
  • Rest landings with changing ladder parts or folding landings
  • Access ladder extensions, telescopic handrail, horizontal access balcony, upper balcony with rungs or steps to cross roof edges, custom made access solutions
  • Burglar resistant
  • Release of sliding part from above, below, or side with 3/4 safety cage
  • Sliding ladder combined with safety cage on the top
  • Maximum clearance height of 3m, counterbalanced ladder with length equal to clearance height plus 84cm (or 3 rungs)
  • Counterbalanced sliding ladder with weights built in ladder uprights, access doors
  • Many options to attach ladders, parallel or perpendicular to wall, distances ranging from 0.1m to 1m

Your own design and ideas can be integrated into the ladder construction. Your preferred JOMY ladder can be constructed for you on request.

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