Typical applications for the JOMY Retractable Ladder

The JOMY Retractable, Fire Escape Ladder can be used for Access and Egress at Heights of two or more floors

These retractable fire escape ladders have been installed in a diverse range of locations including royal palaces, embassies, apartment buildings, offices, schools, hotels, and many others. Over 10,000 buildings all over the world have been equipped with a JOMY retractable fire escape ladder.

The fire escape ladder and its opening mechanism stand up well in very harsh environments, at extreme temperatures (to minus 40°F/40°C), and high humidity levels. Thanks to the use of high grade marine aluminium and stainless steel for all nuts and bolds it has a livespan of more then 30 years. As you can see on the pictures it can be used without problems in a constant salt water environment or other corrosive environments.

It is ideal to use on buildings with two floors up to 6 to 7 floors.

There is nog problem when using it on buildings that have an evacuation possibility on the street site, since it doesn't take up any space when closed.

The Jomy Retractable Ladder

The JOMY retractable ladder is in use on the famous Paris Eiffel tower and this for maintenance access purposes.

More and more these ladders are used for safe access to roof with technical installations on it like solar panels, airco units etc....

The retractable fire escape ladder integrates seamlessly into modern and classic architecture. It is the architect's choice for unobtrusive and effective evacuation and access.

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