Which JOMY Retractable Ladder is Right for your Project

Comparing JOMY and Mini-JOMY Retractable Ladder Products

JOMY Retractable Ladder vs Mini Jomy Ladder

Opening mechanism

Patented Mechanism

Multiple opening handles can be installed at any desired position on the ladder (every 30cm).

Simple manual latch

Single opening latch at the foot or the top of the ladder

Dimensions and performance~7.5Kg / m
Rung with: 60cm (useful: 49cm)
Closed ladder section: 110mm x 100mm
Max rung charge: 450Kg
Max charge mobile upright: 5000Kg

~4.2Kg / m
Rung width: 53cm (useful: 45cm)
Closed ladder section: 92mm x 84mm
Max rung charge: 350Kg
Max charge mobile upright: 2500Kg

GuardrailLeft or rightNot available
InstallationMin 2 workers
One attachment every 1.5m
Opening mechanism to be installed
Min 2 workers
One attachment every 1m
No opening mechanism to be installed
Price Lower than JOMY for same height
Recommended use

Evacuation and access

Unlimited height

Only access

Heights up to +/- 15m 

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