Standard EN ISO 14122 Requirements for Stairs

According to the standard EN ISO 14122, "Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machines and industrial plants," stairs provide safe access for angles between 20° and 45°.

ISO 14122-3 is specifically dedicated to access stairs in an industrial environment or for technical and maintenance access.

The following safety criteria are included in ISO14122-3 requirements.


  • Steps must resist distributed load of 1.5 kN, distributed over an area of 100mm x 100mm Additional rules exist for steps wider than 1.2m


  • 600 < g + 2h < 660
  • The overlap of the steps must be 10mm and apply equally to landings and floors.


  • The vertical height of the handrail on a stairway must be between 900mm and 1000mm above nosing on step of flight and minimum of 1100mm above walking level on landing.
  • It must be equipped with 100mm  toe-plate.
  • Specific resistance and testing programs must be applied on guardrails.

Please contact our engineering department for a detailed review of the technical requirements of ISO 14122-3 for your specific project.


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