Façade Access Gantries

JOMY mobile gantries allow for safe façade or construction access.

JOMY Mobile walkways are the preferred solution to bridge distances at heights and for accessing the façade or roof of your building or  construction.

JOMY offers four types of movable platforms:

H100 (+)

H200 (+)



The JOMY gantry systems move over a series of fixed rails, attached to the building. The rails carry and guide the working structure. Two types of rail structures are offered:

  • round
  • I-shaped.


The round rail is used as a "floor" for the structure, and the moving part rests on the rail.

The I shaped rail is used as a ceiling for the structure, and the moving part hangs from the rail.

All JOMY mobile walkways are specially developed and customized to your specific requirements.

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