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JOMY Stairs Specification Guide_0_2_

The specification guide of the JOMY stairs include_0_4_

File download link for specification guide_new_0

1_ Configuration_0_5_

JOMY staircases are based on straight flights in t_0_6_

  • In line stairs_ all flights are in one line, with _0_7_
  • Crossed stairs, parallel to facade_ All flights ar_0_8_
  • Crossed stairs, perpendicular to facade_ all fligh_0_9_
  • Rectangular stairs_ flights are laid out in a squa_0_10_

2_ Materials_0_11_

Only materials not subject to corrosion can be use_0_12_

No protective treatment, painting or maintenance i_0_13_

Welding is not allowed_ Only 45° corners of landin_0_14_

Steel is excluded, except for fasteners and in cas_0_15_

The staircase can be factory painted in any RAL co_0_16_

3_ Composition_0_17_

The staircase is partly pre-assembled in the facto_0_18_

3_1 Stringers_0_19_

The stringboards are made of hollow profiles of  2_0_20_

3_2 Steps_0_21_

The steps are made of aluminum alloy extruded prof_0_22_

  • Steps can be based on extruded profiles, covered w_0_23_
  • Steps can be based on profiles with extruded longi_0_24_
  • Steps can be based on extruded profiles covered wi_0_25_
  • Rise height_ ± 18cm_0_26_
  • Tread length_ 25cm_0_27_
  • Nosing_ 3_5cm_0_28_
  • Risers available on request__0_29_
3_3 Landings_0_30_

The frames of the landings are composed of hollow _0_31_

The minimal width of the landings is 15cm in exces_0_32_

3_4 Guardrails_0_33_

The guardrails of flights and landings are linked__0_34_

In between these pickets is constructed one of the_0_35_

  • A guardrail with three round tubes of 18mm x 2mm, _0_36_
  • A guardrail with square tubes of 25mm x 25mm x 1_5_0_37_
  • A custom made guardrail according to agreed specif_0_38_

The height of the guardrail is at least 1m on the _0_39_

For secure evacuation, no part of the stair interf_0_40_

The manufacturer can provide a children’s handrail_0_41_

3_5 Supporting structure_0_42_

The supporting structure consists of columns or of_0_43_

The columns or bracings are made of U-shaped or L-_0_44_

4_ Mechanical properties_0_45_

The stair is able to support a uniformly distribut_0_46_

The guardrails can withstand a horizontally applie_0_47_

The manufacturer will share calculations of stabil_0_48_

5_ Counterbalanced stairs_0_49_

To prevent improper use or limit use of space at g_0_50_

5_1 Pivoting_0_51_

The pivoting system is composed of two guiding rin_0_52_

5_2 Counterweight_0_53_

Three types of counterweight positioning are possi_0_54_

  • One system is based on prolonged stringers_ The lo_0_55_
  • In the cable an pulley system, the counterbalance _0_56_
5_3 Blocking_0_58_

The flight is blocked in its upper position by a m_0_59_

6_ Habillage_0_60_

Le constructeur peut prévoir un habillage de l’esc_0_61_

Soit par des profilés tubulaires verticaux en alum_0_62_

  • vierkant 25 x 25 mm, geplaatst met as-tussenafstan_0_63_
  • rechthoekig 60 x 25 mm, geplaatst met as-tussenafs_0_64_
  • rechthoekig 100 x 18 mm, geplaatst met as-tussenaf_0_65_
  • rond met diameter 22 mm, geplaatst met as-tussenaf_0_66_
  • een andere structuur volgens overeen te komen besc_0_67_
  • Soit par des tôles perforées en aluminium, d’épais_0_68_

Soit un autre type d’habillage, à convenir__0_69_

6_ Guarantee_0_70_

The staircase and its installation have to be insp_0_71_

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