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Aluminium constructions for your safety
Escalier d_evacuation en aluminium peint parallele_0_6_

Egress stairs_0_2_

The preferred solution for fire escape__0_3_
Stairs are considered as the preferred solution fo_0_4_

Exterior fire escape stairs are the preferred solu_0_8_

Depending on the dimensions there can be a certain_0_9_

Evacuation stairs need to be stable and trustworth_0_10_

Egress stairs need to comply with local building c_0_11_

Free quote_0_12_

JOMY egress stairway design criterias_0_13_



The responsibilities for fire evacuation are sprea_0_15_

Number of people to be evacuated_0_16_

The dimensioning of the fire escape stairway must _0_17_

  • 1 person per 10 m² for buildings that are not publ_0_18_
  • 1 person per 3 m² for buildings that are publicly _0_19_
Number of escape routes_0_20_

Generally, there schould be at least two independe_0_21_

If there are 500 or more individuals, the recomman_0_22_

  • 500 - 999 persons_ 3 escape routes_0_23_
  • 1000 - 1999 persons_ 4 escape routes_0_24_
  • 2000- 2999 persons_ 5 escape routes_0_25_
  • Etc__0_26_

There are cases where a single fire escape route w_0_27_

  • Buildings of less than 10m with fewer than 100 per_0_28_
  • Buildings between 10m and 25m  and fewer than 50 p_0_29_

Even in these cases, the fire department often req_0_30_

  • In general, the fire department can always ask add_0_31_
Location of the emergency stairs_0_32_

The escape stairways should go in opposite areas o_0_33_

Use of the building during the day_0_34_

  • Distance to path connecting two stairways_ <= 30m_0_35_
  • Distance to closest stair_ <= 45m_0_36_
  • Distance to second closest stair_ <= 80m_0_37_

Use of the building during the night_0_38_

  • Distance to path connecting two stairways_ <= 20m_0_39_
  • Distance to closest stair_ <= 30m_0_40_
  • Distance to second closest stair_ <= 60m_0_41_

Maximum distance from a dead-end route is <= 15m_0_42_

Access to Emergency Stairs_0_43_

Through doors and hallways__0_44_

  • Access door has to be Rf 1/2h for a building >= 25_0_45_
  • The doors cannot be locked in the direction of the_0_46_

Counterbalanced retractable flight or paneling/enc_0_47_

The stairs of buidlings > 25m must provide access _0_48_

Usable Width _UW__0_49_

The usable width is determined by the largest numb_0_50_

The minimum UW is 80cm, which corresponds to an ev_0_51_

  • UW of 80m for max 64 persons per compartment and p_0_52_
  • UW of 120m for 65 to 96 persons per compartment an_0_53_
  • UW of 180m  for 97 to 144 persons per compartment _0_54_
  • Etc__0_55_

In reality, there are often exceptions to the rule_0_56_

  • For medium and high buildings _> 10m, a minimum UW_0_57_
  • Depending on the available space and number of per_0_58_
  • In schools and daycares, a UW of 120cm is provided_0_59_

Different stairs of the same compartment must have_0_60_

The value of 1_25cm per person applies with descen_0_61_

  • The stairs must be at least 1m away from the wall _0_63_
  • At least one side must permit the free flow of air_0_64_
  • Spiral stairs are generally discouraged and for ta_0_65_
  • Usually, an incline of 37° is requested _or about _0_67_
  • For medium and high buildings _> 10m_, an incline _0_68_
  • Inclines greater than 45° must be avoided__0_69_
  • The tread _a_ and the riser _o_ must meet the foll_0_71_
  • Risers are not necessary__0_72_
  • A lower flight may have a maximum of 17 steps_ If _0_73_

Always provide two guardrails per staircase__0_75_

Exception_ One guardrail is sufficient for stairs _0_76_

The minimum height for escape stairs is 1m on the _0_77_

When used by children _schools, nurseries, etc___0_78_

  • The maximum gap between the vertical bars is < 80m_0_79_
  • No horizontal elements to avoid children using the_0_80_
  • Height of 1_1m instead of 1m__0_81_
  • Second guardrail at the height of the children _be_0_82_
  • Materials must be of class A0 _non-flammable mater_0_84_
  • There are no fire resistant requirements for outdo_0_85_
  • Stable materials must be used that will not gradua_0_86_
Stability requirements_0_87_
  • The stairs must be able to carry a uniformly distr_0_88_
  • The stairs must support a point load of 200Kg appl_0_89_
The mechanical properties of JOMY stairs_0_91_

Our egress stairs are developed to carry a uniform_0_92_

Choice of materials_0_93_

The choice between lightweight aluminum, stainless_0_94_

Types of material_0_95_
  • Aluminum_ most commonly used material_0_96_
  • Galvanized steel_ most commonly used material_0_97_
  • Stainless steel_ not often used because of its hig_0_98_
  • Other steels_ little used and not recommended beca_0_99_
  • Concrete_ rarely used for an additional exterior s_0_100_
Cost criteria_0_101_


  • The cost per Kg is relatively high, but little wei_0_103_
  • Limited costs_ Easy to apply_ Easy to manipulate__0_104_
  • Lower costs for transportation, logistics and asse_0_105_
  • No maintenance required__0_106_

Galvanized steel__0_107_

  • The costs per Kg is relatively low, but much more _0_108_
  • More difficult to apply and manipulate_0_109_
  • Heavier and more cumbersome structures_ Crane need_0_110_
  • Multiple maintenance and/or paint jobs required ov_0_111_
Technical performance criteria_0_112_


  • Mechanical properties_ similar heights, structures_0_115_
  • Lifetime stability_ very good corrosion resistance_0_116_
  • Melting point_ Alu_ 660 °C / Steel_> 1400°C_ The d_0_117_

Galvanized steel__0_118_

  • Mechanical properties_ similar heights, structures_0_119_
  • lifetime stability_ corrosion problems with damage_0_120_
  • Melting point_ Alu_ 660 °C / Steel_> 1400°C_ The d_0_121_

Ces deux matériaux permettent d’obtenir des foncti_0_122_

Maintenance and environmental criterias_0_123_


  • Maintenance_ no maintenance needed, even after 30+_0_125_
  • Environment_ 100% unlimited recyclable_0_126_

Galvanized steel__0_128_

  • Maintenance_ over time, corrosion problems occur w_0_129_
  • Environment_ Recyclable in first cycle_ Causes pro_0_130_

L’aluminium est un matériau nettement plus durable_0_131_

Layout and structure_0_132_

Depending on your building, we can offer four stan_0_133_

  • In-line stairs__0_134_
  • Crossed stairs, parallel to the façade__0_135_
  • Crossed stairs, perpendicular to the façade__0_136_
  • Rectangular stair layout__0_137_
  • Other lay out configurations are also developed on_0_138_

The support structure can be of 2 kinds_ the class_0_139_

Available options_0_140_

There are multiple options available for egress st_0_141_

  • Several guardrail models, including anti-slip JOMY_0_142_
  • _Escadesign_ model, with polygonal balconies__0_143_
  • Burglar resistant models where access by unauthori_0_144_
  • Several gates and chains to secure access to stair_0_145_
  • Many types of paneling to enclose access to stairs_0_146_
  • Lower second handrail for children__0_147_
  • Custom balconies and passageways to connect to sta_0_148_
  • Additional guardrails on concrete or handrails aga_0_149_
  • Factory painting in any RAL color before delivery _0_150_
  • Etc__0_151_

Free quote_0_152_

Selfsupporting aluminum evacuation stairs_0_154_
Primary solution for fire evacuation_0_157_
A counterbalance aluminum staircasen in a back all_0_160_
Anodized in line aluminum stairs with walkway over_0_163_
Inline outside Jomy stairs_0_166_
JOMY counterbalanced stairs in painted aluminum_0_169_
Een JOMY evacuatietrap in kleur met kooi aan de in_0_172_
Aluminium evacuatietrap voor een school_0_175_
Evacuatie trap voor een opvangcentrum_0_178_
Unknown description
Een geanodiseerd aluminium trap van JOMY voor binn_0_182_
JOMY | Custom aluminum constructions for your safe_0_185_
Escalier d_evacuation avec garde-corps type barres_0_188_
Escalier d_evacuation avec garde-corps type fuseau_0_191_
painted crossed JOMY stair on a hotel_0_194_
anodised aluminium JOMY crossed stairs_0_197_
Een geanodiseerd aluminium trap van JOMY voor binn_0_200_
Een geanodiseerd aluminium trap van JOMY voor binn_0_203_
Different configurations for JOMY fire escape stai_0_206_
In - Line Stairs_0_209_
JOMY crossed stair in anodised aluminum_0_212_
White painted JOMY crossed stair_0_215_
JOMY crossed stairs tested on load_0_218_
Een geanodiseerd aluminium trap van JOMY voor binn_0_221_
JOMY | Custom aluminum constructions for your safe_0_224_
Very open panneling of a JOMY crossed stair_0_227_
JOMY crossed stairs in anodised aluminum self supp_0_230_
Support Structures_0_233_
Anti panic lock on the outlet of JOMY stairs_0_236_
Enclosure of a JOMY stair_0_239_
Gate on JOMY stairs_0_242_
Aluminum JOMY guardrail_0_245_
JOMY FU guardrail_0_248_
Special grading on JOMY aluminum step_0_251_
Aluminum steps with rough grading_0_254_
Design panneling in painted aluminum_0_257_
Panneling with burgalar resistant door on crossed _0_260_
Door with panic bar at inside_0_263_
Jomy stairs with double handrail_0_266_
JOMY counterbalanced stairs in painted aluminum_0_269_
The specification guide of the JOMY stairs include_0_275_
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