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Aluminium constructions for your safety
Different configurations for JOMY fire escape stai_0_6_

Fire escape and egress solutions_0_2_

More than 35 years JOMY is studying and developing_0_4_

For over 50 years, JOMY has been studying and deve_0_8_

The normal exits, stairways, and elevators are fre_0_9_

C’est pourquoi nous travaillons en collaboration a_0_10_

Often, the only way out is through the windows_ Ho_0_11_

Time is crucial as the flames and smoke are approa_0_12_

Studies show that it takes only 3 minutes to engul_0_13_

So it is crucial that you have access to an escape_0_14_

Take your time now and look around_ How do you get_0_15_

The JOMY Retractable Ladder_0_23_

The JOMY retractable ladder is a good solution for_0_24_

The original JOMY Retractable Ladder is the finest_0_26_

The JOMY cage ladder_0_28_

Jomy is specialized in fire egress and the cage _0_29_

JOMY Cage ladders or Caged ladders are permanent l_0_30_

The counterbalanced emergency ladder with retracta_0_32_

The counterbalanced ladder cab be opened from abov_0_33_

The JOMY exterior stairs_0_35_

Stairs are considered as the primary means of egre_0_36_

The evacuation stairs with a retractable flight_0_38_

The burgalar resistance of a stair is an important_0_39_

The retractable flight can be openen from a positi_0_40_

Available escape routes_0_43_

An overview of all safety solutions for fire emerg_0_44_

The availability of escape routes is crucial for s_0_45_

Free quote_0_58_

The Iceberg Phenomenon__0_46_

A very limited number of buildings meet the majori_0_47_

How can we overcome the Iceberg?_0_48_
  • Increased regulation via spontaneous fire departme_0_49_
  • Comments by prevention consultants_ Only applies t_0_50_
  • Suggestions by insurance inspectors_ Insurers are _0_51_
  • Awareness of residents or users of the building_ D_0_52_
  • Awareness among owners of buildings_ It can be dif_0_53_

Adding a New Escape Route to an Existing Building _0_54_

Egress stairs are considered to be the safest, bes_0_55_

A substitute solution for emergency evacuation is _0_56_

Some of the less prefered escape routes include ba_0_57_

The JOMY Retractable Fire Escape Ladder is ideally_0_60_
evacuation routes_0_63_
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