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Aluminium constructions for your safety
Counterbalanced stairs with a retractable flight for the optimal use of space and improved security / anti-intrusion.

Stairs with counterbalanced retractable flight

  • check Smooth descent thanks to the use of counterweights.
  • check Easy to close after usage.
  • check Reliable all the time, every time.
  • check Already more than 1000 installations worldwide.

Available as an option on standard stairs:


Fire egress and evacuation


Building access


Burglar resistant


Protected against abuse

Common solutions:

Counterbalanced fire escape stairs with prolonged stringers.

Counterbalanced stair with prolonged stringers

The lower pivoting flight is equipped with one prolonged stringers on each side, which project over the rotation point. They contain the right amount of counterweights and thus allow the stair flight to be in equilibrium at its rotation point.

Counterbalanced fire evacuation stairs with cable and pulley system.

Counterbalanced stair with cable and pulley system

The counterbalance is applied to the tip of the stair flight via a system consisting of one or more cables and pulleys. The cable connects to counterweights that move inside a hollow profile, which is positioned vertically.

Exceptional solutions:

Hidden evacuation stair that can be lowered out of the building when needed. Here for Amsterdam's Business School.

Hidden evacuation stairs

This system was engineered and placed by JOMY at the University Library of Amsterdam. It works with a cable and an electric motor to ensure the correct counterbalancing.
As required by the architect, in closed position the stairs are completely hidden.

Evacuation stairs sliding out of the facade of a building before pivoting smoothly to the ground.

Counterbalanced sliding stair

Starting horizontally, the stairflight, guided on rails, first moves towards the edge before smoothly lowering itself to groundlevel. The counterweights are hidden in prolonged stringers. When not in use, it can be hidden behind a openable facade.

Burglar and abuse resistant

The opening mechanism can be placed above the last flight or at any other place to the choice of the customer, to make it hard to reach for unwanted users. This is a very effective means to counter intrusions from outside stairs.
It is also possible to connect the opening mecanism to a central alarm system for further protection and theft prevention.

Black raisable evacuation stairs installed in a pedestrian alley at the back of a building.

Free ground space

When in raised position, the space underneath the retractable flight can be used by pedestrians, bikers, etc…

Industrial raisable stairs in a parking lot.
Counterbalanced exterior stairs for fire evacuation of an office building.

Raisable fire evacuation stairs for a hotel.

Retractable stairs used for fire escape of a school.

Counterbalanced stairs used for accessing a mezzanine indoors.

Retractable stairs with cable and pulley system in a gym.

Pull-up stairs used as a fire escape from  an apartment building to a parking lot.

Prolonged stringers

Counterbalanced stair with prolonged stringers - key measurements.

A = 2200 to 3000 mm (7,22 to 9,84 ft)

B = 37 to 45°

C = 1200 mm max. (3,94 ft)

Cable and pulley

Counterbalanced stairs with cable and pulley system - key measurements.

A = 2200 to 3200 mm (7,22 to 10,5 ft)

B = 37 to 45°

C = 1200 mm max. (3,94 ft)


Study of your needs and measurements on project location.


Direct shipping from our factory in Wihogne, Belgium.


Installation by our own technicians, under the supervision of JOMY engineers.

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