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Individual or collective fall protection.

Fall protection systems

  • check An added value on all JOMY fixed products.
  • check On ladders: rail installed separately or integrated into the ladder beams.
  • check Real fall protection, reusable after an incident.
  • check Individual or collective.

Adherence to the highest standards

Our individual fall protection systems respond to the requirements of the standard EN 353 - 1:
Personal protective equipment against falls from a height - Part 1: Guided type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line.

Our guardrails for collective protection are engineered according to the EN 131 standard.

Fixed ladder with integrated lifeline rail

The use of a lifeline with a carriage on a fixed ladder makes the installation of a protection cage obsolete whilst providing a real fall protection.
The rigid rail is here integrated into the ladder beams. This system is maintenance-free and reusable, requiring only a visual inspection after an incident.
When used properly it is the safest way to climb and for performing tasks standing on a ladder.

Ladder with a lifeline composed of a carriage and a rail integrated to the ladder beam.

Separately installed lifeline rail

The aluminium rail has a section of 31 x 31 mm and can be installed straight or bent, with a minimum curve of 50 cm (1' 7.8").
We have developped a lot of options so that it can be easily installed on or besides a fixed ladder.
This rail system can also be used on JOMY retractable ladders!

Lifeline rail installed on a ladder for use with a mobile carriage.

Lifeline curved rail on top of an access ladder for safe parapet crossing.

Lifeline rail on a opened JOMY retractable ladder.

Horizontal and vertical fall protection

The horizontal setup can be applied to roofs, building edges, unprotected work platforms, pipeline racks,…
For a complete protection on an installation, JOMY engineers will combine the horizontal and vertical systems.

Horizontal lifeline rail on the edge of a roof for individual fall protection.

Lifeline rail on a working platform in a train factory.

Lifeline for working securely on truck loads.

Fixed and mobile guardrails, pallet gate

JOMY guardrails are engineered according to the EN 131 standard. They can be executed in a lot of forms and styles and with a lot of options, for example a kick-plate at the bottom of the guardrail.
Our guardrails can be installed onto concrete slabs with bolts or without perforating the roofdeck by using heavy weights for ballast.

Guardrail on roof edge for collective protection.

Removable pivoting guardrail in a truck loading dock.

Pallet roll-over gate for truck loading.

Safety guardrail with ballast for accessing a cage ladder on a roof.

Full height guardrails on a production line.

Curved guardrail on top of a tank.

Plate covers, kick-plates and hatches

Depending on the dangers around your installations, we can provide a multitude of protections to avoid falls between gaps and holes. Different aluminium plates are available and can be formed to fill in any type of spaces.

Industrial aluminium plate covers with anti-slip threadplate.

Industrial ground hatch with fall protection.

Industrial aluminium plate covers with perforated threadplate.


Study of your needs and measurements on project location.


Direct shipping from our factory in Wihogne, Belgium.


Installation by our own technicians, under the supervision of JOMY engineers.

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