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Aluminium constructions for your safety

Fire escape stairs

The preferred solution for evacuation.
Stairs are considered as the preferred solution for safe emergency evacuations and fire escapes. There are 4 important parameters for the design: the dimensioning, the choice of material, the layout and the available options.


  • Evacuation solution with the highest flow;
  • Most widely used means of moving between levels;
  • Allow for moving in groups or with family;
  • Equipment can be carried easily (firefighters and police).


  • Low physical effort regardless of age and physical shape;
  • Can be equipped with handrail for kids (schools, boarding schools,...);
  • Equally useful for our beloved pets.


  • Light suspended or self-supporting structure;
  • Many available options and design possibilities;
  • Suited for all types of buildings and structures;
  • Easy meccano style assembly;
  • New modules can be added later on with ease.


  • Reduced risk factors;
  • Group falls avoided;
  • Non-existant vertigo feelings;
  • Reassuring and imposing aspect.

Evacuation stairs need to be stable and trustworthy at all times so they may not be worn by rust. For this reason JOMY stairs use only high quality aluminum that is anodized for extra protection.

They also need to comply with local building codes and approval of coding officials and fire brigade. JOMY has the knowledge and experience all over the world to get the JOMY stairs certified.

Types of material

  • Aluminum: most commonly used material
  • Galvanized steel: most commonly used material
  • Stainless steel: not often used because of its high price -used in very specific situations (corrosive environment, food safety, etc.)
  • Other steels: little used and not recommended because of the lack of stability (corrosion, rust)
  • Concrete: rarely used for an additional exterior staircase - not used by JOMY.

Cost criteria


  • The cost per Kg is relatively high, but little weight is required
  • Limited costs. Easy to apply. Easy to manipulate.
  • Lower costs for transportation, logistics and assembly. Low weight and meccano - assembly, no crane needed.
  • No maintenance required.

Galvanized steel:

  • The costs per Kg is relatively low, but much more weight is needed
  • More difficult to apply and manipulate
  • Heavier and more cumbersome structures. Crane needed for mounting.
  • Multiple maintenance and/or paint jobs required over lifetime.

Technical performance criteria


  • Mechanical properties: similar heights, structures and functionalities
  • Lifetime stability: very good corrosion resistance, even on the coast
  • Melting point: Alu: 660 °C / Steel:> 1400°C. The difference in melting point is of little relevance. Above 80 ° C, the staircase is unusable in practice for evacuation.

Galvanized steel:

  • Mechanical properties: similar heights, structures and functionalities
  • lifetime stability: corrosion problems with damaged galvanization when installed and used
  • Melting point: Alu: 660 °C / Steel:> 1400°C. The difference in melting point is of little relevance. Above 80 ° C, the staircase is unusable in practice for evacuation.

These two materials can lead to identical functionnalities. In general, steel constructions will be slimmer and aluminium ones more practical.

Maintenance and environmental criterias


  • Maintenance: no maintenance needed, even after 30+ years
  • Environment: 100% unlimited recyclable

Galvanized steel:

  • Maintenance: over time, corrosion problems occur with damage to the galvanizing layer or protective layer.
  • Environment: Recyclable in first cycle. Causes problems starting from secondary recycling. Zinc (galva) occurs in nature under influence of acid rain (heavy metal pollution).

Aluminium is a much more durable material than galvanised steel.

Layout and structure

Depending on your building, we can offer four standard layout options :

  • In-line stairs;
  • Crossed stairs, parallel to the façade;
  • Crossed stairs, perpendicular to the façade;
  • Rectangular stair layout;
  • Other lay out configurations are also developed on request.

The support structure can be of 2 kinds: the classic self-supporting structure mounted on columns; or it can be a suspended structure, mounted on brackets that are suspended from the façade.

Suggested options for your egress stairs to improve the fire safety

There are multiple options available for egress stairs to improve safety.

  • Several guardrail models, including anti-slip JOMY steps, risers, etc. ;
  • "Escadesign" model, with polygonal balconies;
  • Burglar resistant models where access by unauthorized persons is prevented through counterbalanced retractable flight or enclosed lower flight, with access door and crash bar;
  • Several gates and chains to secure access to stairs and balconies;
  • Many types of paneling to enclose access to stairs and balconies;
  • Lower second handrail for children;
  • Custom balconies and passageways to connect to stairs;
  • Additional guardrails on concrete or handrails against the wall for security
  • Factory painting in any RAL color before delivery (polyester powder coating)
  • Etc.
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