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Aluminium constructions for your safety
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Aluminium stairs made for egress and access and placed outside of a medium sized building.

Aluminium staircase for exterior or interior use

  • check Durable.
  • check Different layouts and supporting structures available.
  • check Lightweight and very strong.
  • check Many options available.

Enclosed staircase in aluminium with perforated panels and security door.

Enclosed staircase in aluminium

Aluminium stairs for machine access and maintenance in a factory.

Stairs for machinery access

Industrial stairs and walkway platform in aluminium used to access a warehouse mezzanine.

Industrial stairs and walkway platform

Mezzanine stairs in aluminium for interior and exterior use.

Mezzanine stairs in aluminium

Interior aluminium stairs with closed risers.

Interior aluminium stairs

Aluminium stairs and platform for accessing a public building reception desk.

Aluminium stairs for public building

Black metal stair and platform.

Stair and landing platform in aluminium

Roof access stairs with enclosed entrance and security door.

Roof access stairs in aluminium

Modular build based on anodized aluminium profiles

JOMY benefits from specially designed profiles. They allow for a "meccano-style" assembly system that will fit perfectly in your specific situation and required measurements.
Wether the stairs are used for fire evacuation or access to heights, applicable standards are essential to our engineers.

Exterior stairs with RAL color for access to the first level of a house.

Multiple layout possibilities

Depending on the type of building, its use and the main purpose of the staircase, our engineers will work with different configurations - inline, crossed, square or a combination - and supporting structures - self-supporting or hanging-from the wall. Examples:

Inline stairs for fire evacuation, hanging from the wall.

Inline stairs
Hanging from the wall

Crossed stairs for fire evacuation.

Crossed stairs
Hanging-from the wall

Rectangular stair layout for emergency exit of an old building.

Rectangular stair layout

Metal outside stairs with a custom layout.

Combined configurations
Hanging + Self-supporting

Lightweight but very strong

Our exterior stairs are engineered with a default useful load of 102 lb/ft² or 500 kg/m². Depending on your situation, our engineers can also develop stairs according to your own load capacity requirements.
As attested by the following picture, the resistance of our evacuation and access stairs has been tested many times.

JOMY stairs are light but able to withstand a load of 102 lb/ft2 or 500 kg/m².

Assembled on site in an easy, safe and fast way

JOMY stairs are made form lightweight aluminium parts, delivered on site in small pieces, easy to handle by manpower.
All parts are either screwed together or use pop-rivets for assembly. No welding is necessary on site. Easy, clean and fast!

JOMY stairs assembly: easy, clean and fast!

Different steps for your staircase

Extruded step profile with anti-slip tread plates with five-bar pattern.

Extruded profiles with anti-slip tread plates with five-bar pattern.

Extruded step profiles with anti-slip tread plates with perforations and standing edges.

Extruded profiles with anti-slip tread plates with perforations and standing edges.

Aluminium or galvanised steel gridplate step.

Aluminium or galvanised steel gridplates.

Hard wood treads.

Hard wood treads.

The "Escadesign" variant

Our stairs can be made more aesthetically pleasing by cutting the edges of the intermediate platforms and only using 2 or 3 central columns as supporting structure.
This variant combined with RAL colouring will surely make your stairs more pleasing to the eye.

Aesthetically pleasing JOMY Escadesign exterior stair variant.

Guardrails types

Stair guardrail with parallel tubes.

BP: tubes parallel with the angle of the stairs.

Stair guardrail with vertical tubes.

FU: vertical tubes.

Custom stair guardrails.

Guardrails made to your design and taste.


A smooth and easy to use handrail will be placed on top of the guardrails.
JOMY can provide several handrails each placed at different heights so that children can also use the evacuation stairs safely.

Handrails for both children and adults, mounted on the same evacuation stair.

Evacuation stairs with a retractable flight

By years of experience retractable flights have become a top option from JOMY. Indeed, this level of quality is no match for our competitors. This option will make your stairs burglar resistant and free up ground space.

Product page

Fire evacuation stair with an anti-burglar retractable flight installed in a school courtyard.

Burglar-resistant options for exterior stairs

  • The best is the retractable flight;
  • The stair flight can be equipped with protective paneling and a door with a panic bar or lock handle;
  • All different gates and doors can be installed on the entrance or exit of the stairs.
Burglar-resistant options for outside stairs: security paneling, door with panic bar, gate, lock handle, keycode handle etc.

Security and decorative cage

Stairs can be encased with paneling made of aluminium panels, aluminium plates with special perforations, paneling with LEDs, plastic or wood paneling, etc.

Stairs with different types of security and decorative paneling.


Study of your needs and measurements on project location.


Direct shipping from our factory in Wihogne, Belgium.


Installation by our own technicians, under the supervision of JOMY engineers.

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