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Aluminium constructions for your safety

Access systems for the transport industry

Custom constructions for a safe access to vehicles and peripheral installations for maintenance, loading, unloading and sampling.

Access systems for train locomotives, carriages, cabins and freight cars

Train roofs are filled with technical equipment that requires to be maintained and replaced on a regular basis. In every workshop, it is mandatory to provide workers with a safe mean of access to train roofs.

For the Belgian railways (SNCB), JOMY engineered and manufactured several access systems, ensuring that maintenance and inspection of train rooftops can been accomplished without risking a fall. The JOMY systems are fully integrated with mechanical and electronic interlocks in addition to automatically operated walkway floors. It is now nearly impossible to abuse the system to create a dangerous situation.

In these kinds of projects, the strength of JOMY's first class engineers is evident.

Walkway platform and shipladder used to access train rooftops for maintenance purposes in a workshop.

Walkway platform and counterbalanced shipladder.

Railway workshop equipped with electrically articulated floors for accessing train roofs.

Mobile, electrically articulated access platforms with collective fall-protection.

Reinforced aluminium bridge for accessing train roofs, for maintenance purposes, in a workshop.

Hanging traveling bridge platform.

Mobile working platforms with access stairs for train maintenance at heights.

Mobile platforms and stairs on rails with fall protection systems.

Access platform and stairs for working on train cabin tops in a workshop.

Self-supporting platform with access stairs.

Aluminium crossover stairs for accessing working platforms on both sides of the train carriages.

Traveling crossover stairs and access platform with guardrails.

Counterbalanced drop-down ladder used to safely access working platforms in a train workshop.

Counterbalanced, drop-down access cage ladder and gate.

Drive-through industrial platform for accessing train carriage roofs in a railway workshop.

Roof maintenance platforms with drop-down gates.

Access systems for trucks and trailers

We ensure a safe access to trucks and trailers for loading, unloading, and routine maintenance. Operating personnel are exposed to a high risk of injuries and even death when climbing on top of transport equipment. Special trailers, used to transport liquids or powders, require to be filled from the top. Sampling work also involves climbing at dangerous heights to reach manholes and hatches.

JOMY has mastered easy-to-use equipment and fall-protection technology including fixed or mobile platforms, stairs, ladders and guardrails of any form and size.

Worker climbing on a mobile ladder used for accessing tanker truck manholes.

Mobile tanker ladder and platform - height adjustable - for accessing manholes.

Horizontal lifeline structure for accessing manholes on tanker trucks and trailers.

Overhead horizontal lifeline rail and mobile carriage used as a fall arrest system; to be combined with a personal harness.

Aluminium construction combining access stairs, pivoting gates, platforms and drop-down ladders, used for accessing tanker truck tops and trailers.

Complete truck access solution comprised of stairs, security gates and drop-down ladders.

Aluminium industrial levi-bridge platform used for accessing tanker trailer equipment for maintenance.

Articulated bridge platform with adjustable sliding floors.

Counterbalanced shipladder that drops down from an overhead platform, onto tanker trucks, to give access to manholes.

Drop-down counterbalanced step ladder with handrails.

Pivoting aluminium safety cage with stairs, fixed on a platform, and used to access tanker trucks from above.

Pivoting safety cage and stairs for tanker truck access.

Aluminium mobile platform with stairs and guardrails, used to climb on tuck trailers.

Access platform on wheels with central brake system.

Fixed access platform with two levels, fixed ladders and guardrails, used for accessing truck trailers and loads.

Fixed truck access platforms, ladders and guardrails.

Aluminium truck loading platform with fall-protection used to access tanker truck hatches.

Truck loading platform used to access tanker hatches.

Mobile ladder platform and drop-down ladder for accessing garbage truck loads.

Mobile ladder for descending into dump truck loads.

Aluminium stairs used to access a truck trailer.

Aluminium stairs used to access a truck trailer

Access systems for buses and coaches for public and private transportation

Recent projects in Belgium and France have consolidated our experience in providing custom aluminium structures for the bus and coach industry. Public and private transportation vehicles require regular maintenance that is done mostly from above. In order to secure workers, special sliding and pivoting constructions are often needed to bridge and close dangerous gaps.

Since every workshop has a unique configuration, our engineering department will provide a custom solution for your access needs.

Drive-through working platform for bus maintenance on the roof.

Roof-hanging access walkway platform with extensible horizontal sliding floor sections.

Aluminium stairs and platform for accessing bus roofs for maintenance purposes.

Access stairs and working platform.

Working platform with floors that are extensible.

Extensible platform with removable guardrails.

Levi-bridge platform in aluminium for reaching bus roofs in a workshop.

Pivoting access bridge for bus roofs.

Safety guardrail used for fall prevention when working on buses and coaches rooftops during maintenance work in a workshop.

Security drop-down gardrail.

Access systems for ships, boats and barges

All of our structures being made in anodized aluminium, they are particularly adapted to corrosive water environments. We provide a wide range of custom access solutions that are fixed or mobile, on wheels or rails. Different mechanisms can be designed to match the changing height, due to tides, of the final access level. Protective coatings are available as an option to increase durability in environments with high salinity.

Access stairs and landing just above the water, used to access barges for fluvial transportation.

Access stairs and landings for barges.

Mobile stairs and platform used to access a docked boat in a shipping port.

Mobile stairs and landing for accessing a ship in port.

Height-adjustable stair platform for working on ship engines.

Height adjustable working platform for ship engines.

Custom access bridge in aluminium for a private boating dock.

Boat access ramp for a Dock Marine floating dock.

Retractable ladder installed for maintenance work on the Harmony of the Seas cruiseship.

Maintenance access retractable ladders on the Harmony of the Seas cruise ship.

Access systems for shipping, storage, waste and construction containers

Mobile truck containers are used as dumpsters for disposal and for collecting goods to be recycled. When they are not placed below ground level, a mobile access platform with stairs and landing can be used. Our lightweight, low maintenance aluminium constructions are ideal for such a task, especially when mobility is mandatory. For this, heavy duty wheels and brake systems are a must.

Maritime and construction containers, modified or not, also require access solutions. For this we provide stairs, ladders, mobile stairs, etc, all made of aluminium.

Access platform on wheels used for accessing a waste container top.

Mobile access stair platform for a waste container.

Mobile ladder platform used to access waste containers.

Container access ladder platform with central brake system.

Construction container equiped with a JOMY Retractable Ladder for emergency evacuation.

JOMY Retractable Ladder used on a construction container for fire evacuation.

Access systems for heavy machinery and heavy-duty vehicules

Our ladder systems can be fitted to all kinds of machines: cranes, bulldozers, mining trucks, excavators, drills, dozers, off-highway trucks, wheel loaders, etc. Our low maintenance, lightweight aluminium solutions can be easily adapted to your vehicles to provide access to the control room, cockpit, engine bay or any other component that requires maintenance.

Depending on your specific requirements and vehicule design, our engineers can provide complete access solutions by combining ladders with walkway platforms, stairs and necessary guardrails.

Heavy-duty excavator with a drop-down ladder for accessing the cabin.

Drop-down cage ladder used to climb on an excavator.

Fixed ladder used in tower crane from ARCOMET for accessing the cabin.

Fixed ladder used to climb in ARCOMET A50 ECO controller room/cabin.

Access systems for aircrafts, helicopters and airplanes

Flying machines are heavily maintained vehicles. Every aircraft is different and requires special access solutions in order to work safely at heights. Our engineering office will design custom aluminium constructions to meet your needs and standard requirements.

Helipad with a counterbalanced staircase for access.

Access structure with counterbalanced staircase for a helipad.

Stepladder in aluminium used for aircraft maintenance, equiped with wheels, foldable.

Lightweight foldable mobile shipladder.

Stairs and landing platform on wheels for accessing aircrafts components for maintenance at heights.

Airplane access stairs and landing.

Access systems and security solutions for transportation infrastructures

The transport industry is surrounded by a multitude of building structures. Logistics expose workers to many dangers around vehicles and goods, thus requiring expertise in fall protection systems and access solutions. Our vast product range and engineering office will provide you with the best solutions to guarantee the safety of everyone involved in your logistics.

Platform on rails used underneath a bridge for its maintenance.

Bridge maintenance hanging travelling platform (BMU).

Guardrails around a loading dock for security.

Removable guardrails for a loading dock.

Mezzanine equiped with a roll over gate in aluminium, painted in yellow.

Palett rool-over gate for loading dock.

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