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Aluminium constructions for your safety
Mobile industrial workplatform in aluminium with yellow security swing-gate and anti-slip stair steps.

Industrial working platforms

  • check Industrial quality construction.
  • check Built according to the EN 131 and EN 14122 standards whenever possible.
  • check In anodized aluminium for long-term durability and low maintenance.
Mobile aluminium workplatform with stairs and platform.

Mobile industrial workplatform with stairs

Height adjustable workplatform used to work on the production line of boat engines.

Height adjustable workplatform

Industrial platform bridge and stairs in aluminium used on an engine production line.

Industrial platform bridge and stairs

Industrial ladder and platform with safety swing door for machine maintenance and operation.

Ladder and platform for machine maintenance

Industrial aluminium stairs and platform for bus maintenance in a repair shop / garage.

Stairs and platform / walkway for bus maintenance

Mobile aluminium industrial platform and stairs with collapsible guardrails.

Workplatform with collapsible guardrails

Small 1 step workplatform for stationary machine operation.

Workplatform for machine operation

Mobile industrial platform with ship ladder / stepladder in aluminium for access to containers.

Mobile workplatform with ship ladder

Pivoting industrial platform with counterbalance weights for tank access.

Pivoting counterbalanced work platform

Mobile interlocking industrial platforms on wheels for machine assembly and maintenance.

Mobile interlocking workplatforms

Hanging suspended workplatform in aluminium.

Suspended / hanging industrial platform


Mobile industrial stairs and platform - dimensions.





SIMP10 1000 600 700
SIMP16 1600 600 700
SIMP20 2000 600 700
SIMP26 2600 600 700
SIMP30 3000 600 700
  • info From the SIMP20 and up, the base of the platform will be wider than the useful width of the platform itself (W).

Standard features

  • Stair slope inclination = 45°.
  • Guardrail height = 1100 mm.
  • Anodized aluminium construction.
  • 4 wheels with independent foot brakes.


  • Central brake system for all wheels.
  • Safety swing door.
  • Bigger all-terrain wheels for rough surfaces.
  • Attachements for forklift transport.
  • Other dimensions and characteristics on demand.


Study of your needs and measurements on project location.


Direct shipping from our factory in Wihogne, Belgium.


Installation by our own technicians, under the supervision of JOMY engineers.

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