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Aluminium ship ladder mounted on gas springs and used to access an industrial mezzanine.

Retractable Custom-made Ladders

  • check Clears the way and free up space.
  • check EN 14 122-3 compliant - Safety of machinery.
  • check Balanced by gas springs.
  • check Easy to lower and rise.
  • check Long-lasting lightweight aluminium construction.
  • check Custom-made on demand.

Our retractable ship ladders can be used to access industrial mezzanines, walkway platforms, work platforms, storage spaces, attics, etc.

The JOMY balanced staircase is a rotating ship ladder that is retractable and can be used to access heights such as a mezzanine, a balcony fixed against a wall, an attic platform or even a machine.

The flight rotates and is counterbalanced in such a way that a simple pull of the hand is used to raise the flight to its horizontal position or to lower it back to the ground - an easy and effortless operation.

Thus, the ladder can be raised to free up the passage below and then be quickly returned back to its position of use as necessary.

Its rotation is powered by gas springs that guide the movement and immobilize the staircase in the high (horizontal) position, in complete safety. This type of motorization does not constitute a machine and therefore has the advantage of operating by itself without maintenance and external energy supply.


  • Free the passageway under a mezzanine or an attic.
  • Access to a space situated behind the flight.
  • Optimize a small or cluttered space.
  • Limit access to the public, restrict usage.
  • Manage the passage of robots in automated warehouses.

Placement on a mezzanine platform

Drawing of special fixations used for a ship ladder on a mezzanine.

A custom fixing system is used to secure the ship ladder to the frame of the mezzanine and its main beams. This allows for the loads to be transferred to the support structure and not the floor itself.

Placement against a wall

Drawing of a wall-mounted retractable ship ladder with special fixations.

4 fixing brackets are securely attached to the wall and floor with chemical anchors in the case of a concrete structure, or with other appropriate means if the wall has a wood frame for example.

Retractable ship ladder

Maximum height Custom-made on demand.
Slope angle 60°.
Useful width 600 mm (1'12") to 800 mm (2'7").
Standard steps Grooved anti-slip profile.
Handrail Custom-made depending on use.
Weight +-15Kg (33 lbs) per meter of elevation.
Balancing Gas springs.
Balance point of pivot rotation Adjusted to be at +-1m from the ground floor for ease of use.
System used to reach the flight for pulling it down Pole or chain/string.
Material Aluminium.
  • info Please note that some of these features can be made specific to your own requirements by our engineering department.
    Contact-us for a custom-made solution.

Our engineering office will customize your ship ladder to meet your needs with:

  • Anodization with a protective surface treatment or with epoxy powder coating in any desired RAL color.
  • Handrails designed for front or backward-facing use.
  • Security gates.
  • Industrial catwalk, working platforms or ladder access balcony.
  • Gas spring protective sleeve for exterior use.


Study of your needs and measurements on project location.


Direct shipping from our factory in Wihogne, Belgium.


Installation by our own technicians, under the supervision of JOMY engineers.

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