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Safety ladder hatch

Telescopic ladder integrated to balcony

Solution for buildings with overlapping balconies. People can be evacuated from one balcony to the next with the built-in telescopic ladder. This solution is an alternative to our other evacuation ladders and stairs.

These telescopic ladders can be easily deployed to evacuate from one balcony to the next in apartment buildings.

Main features

A stainless steel frame with a telescopic emergency ladder in coated steel is built in the floor of every balcony.

In case of fire, the user lifts the upper cover of the frame. This will automatically open the lower cover. Next, the user steps on the ladder switch, which lowers the telescopic ladder. Then, the user climbs down to the balcony below. For full evacuation, every balcony is fitted with a balcony ladder.

This solution is safe, but relatively slow (floor by floor) and at risk for unauthorized use.

Technical Information

Construction and composition
  • Stainless steel frame with telescopic emergency ladder in coated steel, built in floor of balcony
  • Complies with prevailing standards
  • Size of frame: interior = 60cm x 68cm, exterior = 65cm x 73cm , height = 20cm. Size of the hole in the floor where frame is built in, is in between dimensions of interior and exterior of frame
  • Available from 5 to 11 rungs, serving heights of 1.7m to 3.7m per ladder

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