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Aluminium constructions for your safety
We are always looking for motivated people!

Job postings

We are always looking for motivated people!
For the moment we are looking for:

Mechanical engineer for product development

Wanted: electromechanical engineer or with relevant experience in industrial mechanical engineering. The candidate will display:

  • A practical mind with the will to find innovative solutions for product usability;
  • Knowledge in 2D/3D CAD softwares;
  • Knowledge in MS Office;
  • Excellent knowledge of Dutch is mandatory, good knowledge of French is greatly appreciated;
  • Proactive and independent;
  • Result oriented;
  • Focused on finding solutions, not problems;
  • Living near or in the Juprelle area;
  • Good knowledge of basic mechanical formulas;
  • Relevant experience in metal constructions and aluminium working is a strong asset.

Please keep in mind that we mainly focus on product development through great concepts maketable in a timely manner, not fundamental research.

Send your candidature exclusively by email to wve@jomy.be.

Project manager

The job:

  • Technical project preparation and elaboration: on site measurements, client drawings, client consultations, factory drawings
  • Active follow-up of fabrication
  • Planning and active follow-up of on-site assembly and installation
  • Project delivery and closing
  • Depending on experience and skills, possibility to take on company projects in order to improve its products, production methods, work organization etc.


  • Technical education (construction, architecture, mechanical), bachelor or master level
  • Good understanding of metallic structures (composition, load bearing capacity, stability)
  • Creative and solution driven, e.g. in case of mobile and motorized structures
  • Good organizer, able to manage several projects simultaneously
  • Good communicator, proactive, customer service oriented, autonomous, practical mind, meticulous
  • Language proficiency: main professional language will be Dutch, practical proficiency in French needed

Training at the start and on the job.

Please react by mail: frd@jomy.be

Hands-on Administration / IT manager

The job:

  • Organizing and management of the departments IT and Administration.
  • Management reporting concerning these departments.
  • Continuous improvements in the administrative flows within the company.
  • Knowing the IT infrastructure and software, to be able to manage the IT people and determine an IT action plan.
  • Also executing administrative work.


  • Excellent knowledge of Flemish and good knowledge of French and English
  • Minimum level of education: Bachelor
  • People manager with a strong customer-service oriented mind
  • Good knowledge of MS Office suite, MS Access, MS SQL, HTML, Javascript, … are a big plus
  • Ponctual, good communicator and dynamic

Please react by mail: wve@jomy.be

All-round IT

The job:

  • Maintenance and management of the IT infrastructure of the company
  • Improvement of the IT infrastructure
  • VOIP system improvement
  • Management and improvement of all software used in the company.
  • Assure IT safety and back-up


  • Problem solver and broad IT knowledge and interest
  • Good knowledge of SQL, HTML, CSS, Java script, node.js, VBA and so on
  • You like to work in an open source IT environment
  • You are service minded towards the IT users of the company
  • Flexible, dynamic and eager to learn

Please react by mail: wve@jomy.be

IT full stack developer

The job

  • Ubuntu server management, network and cloud hosting
  • SQL and Nosql databases
  • Node.js based backend functionality development
  • Frontend development involving HTML, CSS, Javascript and JS.framework
  • User interface and user experience design
  • Understanding customer and business needs
  • Version management, quality assurance, test procedures


  • Solid IT education and / or experience
  • IT problem solver
  • Passion for IT development
  • Attracted by a small business environment
  • Eager to learn and adapt continuously

Please react by mail: wve@jomy.be

Sales engineer Vlaanderen

De job:

  • Na een intensieve opleiding word je verantwoordelijk voor de commerciele uitbouw en resultaten van een toegewezen regio en sector.
  • Je gaat bij de klant ter plaatse, maakt een technische schets van de oplossing en je werkt zelf een technische - en prijs- offerte uit.
  • Je doet aan prospectie door het netwerken bij de architecten, preventieadviseurs, brandweerorganisaties, hoofd technische diensten , enz..
  • Je gaat tactisch te werk in het benaderen van de markt en werkt in nauwe samenwerking met de marketingafdeling.


  • Uitstekend technisch inzicht en minstens een bachelor denkniveau
  • Ervaring met projectwerk is een groot pluspunt
  • Gestructureerd, planmatig en gedisciplineerd
  • Resultaatsgedrreven en grote klantgerichtheid
  • Uitstekende kennis van het Nederlands en goed kennis van het Frans

Reageren naar wve@jomy.be

Internal sales U.S.A.

The job:

  • You support and develop your customers from the USA on a daily basis by answering their info- and price- requests.
  • You analyses the incoming request and propose to the customer the best solution for his situation.
  • You will follow your quotes and turn them into a sale. Your follow up of the order continuous until payment is complete.
  • Together with the marketing department you help to develop marketing campaigns and gather market information.


  • Good commercial communicator by phone and mail in American - English
  • Having lived in the U.S.A. for at least a half a year
  • Commercial bachelor or equivalent through experience
  • Technical affinity
  • Sales and result driven
  • Willing towards daily between 14h00 and 22h00 from our offices in Wihogne.

Please react by mail: wve@jomy.be

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Rue Bourgogne, 20 B-4452 Wihogne, Belgium

Brussels - Flanders


+32 2 771 13 72

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Av. de Broqueville, 274 B-1200 Brussels

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