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Drop-down ladders specification guide_0_2_

The specification guide includes more information _0_4_

Drop-down ladders specification guide_link_0

1_ Materials_0_5_

  • The ladders are made of aluminum alloy profiles, a_0_7_
  • No protective treatment, painting, or maintenance _0_8_
  • Rungs are clinched into the uprights_ Bolts and ri_0_9_
  • Ladders are offered in polyester powder coating in_0_10_

2_ Installation_0_11_

  • Counterbalanced ladders are installed vertically__0_12_
  • Fixing clamps of a single type are used to attach _0_13_
  • Ladders expand freely within anchor brackets, with_0_14_
  • For lateral access, the upper rung is at approxima_0_15_

3_ Dimensions_0_16_

  • JOMY counterbalanced ladders correspond to standar_0_17_
  • Ladders are composed of standardized elements of 3_0_18_
  • The uprights are spaced at 400mm_ The rung axes ar_0_19_
  • Ladder uprights have oblong sections of 75mm x 25m_0_20_

4_ Counterbalanced Lower Sliding Ladder_0_22_

  • A counterbalanced lower sliding ladder can be prov_0_23_
    • The distance between the floor and the foot of the_0_24_
    • The sliding part is counterbalanced by weights tha_0_25_
    • axes, springs and cables are of stainless steel_0_26_
    • Pulley wheels are made of polyacetal _POM-H___0_27_

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