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Aluminium constructions for your safety

Why do we use aluminium for your constructions?

Despite the use of relatively expensive but high quality raw materials, the total cost of ownership of aluminum constructions is often very competitive.

High quality material at a very competitive total cost

With only one third of the weight of steel, aluminum provides for cost savings in logistics and installation. Tooling and metalworking are easy, and the constructions are based on modular and normalized profiles. On top the high quality material provides for a lifetime of over 30 years without any maintenance or painting (no harmful oxidation).

Therefore and compared to steel, the total cost of ownership of aluminum constructions is often very competitive (even more when compared to inox).

Cost advantages in relation to life stages:

  • Materials handling easy due to low weight - Easy tooling and metalworking;
  • Constructions based on modular and normalized profiles;
  • Creative custom solutions (counterbalanced stairs, suspended stairs,...).
  • Approx. 3 x lighter than a similar construction in steel;
  • Modular, meccano-style assembly;
  • No welding. Easy materials processing on site, if necessary;
  • Well adapted for transport.
  • No maintenance required;
  • Long lifespan: over 30 years;
  • No harmful oxidation / anodizing protects the material even in relatively aggressive environments.

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