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Aluminium constructions for your safety
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Facade access solutions and equipment

Smart engineering for easy to use facade maintenance systems (BMU's).
Our aluminium constructions are safe, strong, reliable and require very low maintenance.

Traveling vertical ladder for window cleaning.

Traveling vertical ladders for window cleaning

Reinforced structure for high rise building maintenance.

Reinforced structures for high rise building maintenance

Traveling ladder and gantry for window cleaning.

Traveling ladders and gantries for window cleaning

Mobile gantry for window cleaning.

Mobile gantries for window cleaning

Mobile bridge platform for glass roof window cleaning.

Mobile bridge platforms for glass roof window cleaning

Hanging platform for bridge maintenance and repair.

Hanging platforms for bridge maintenance and repair

Telescopic gantry on mobile deck for glass roof cleaning.

Telescopic gantries on mobile decks for glass roof cleaning

Sliding shipladder for angled glass roof cleaning.

Sliding shipladders for angled glass roof cleaning

Custom stair for glass dome maintenance.

Custom stairs for glass dome maintenance

Traveling crossover stairs and platform for window cleaning.

Traveling crossover stairs and platforms for window cleaning

Ladder and gantry for maintenance behind architectural sun protection.

Ladders and gantries for maintenance behind architectural sun protection

Hidden pivoting Building Maintenance Unit.

Hidden pivoting Building Maintenance Units

We offer a solution for easy and safe access to all kind and forms of facades

By using a series of rails, on which the constructions move, every part of your facade can be reached. JOMY mobile constructions guarantee safe facade and window access and facilitate cleaning and maintenance. For even more safety, all JOMY gantries, stairs, and ladders can have a reinforced structure with guardrails or be provided with a fall protection.

Extra options like telescopic parts or a washlift for easy window cleaning are available.

Animation Cone

Cone facades

Animation cylinder

Cylinder facades

Animation horizontal

Horizontal facade

Animation inverted cone

Inverted cone facade

Animation other shapes

Other or combined facade types

Animation pyramid

Pyramid facades

Animation sphere

Sphere facades

Animation Triangle

Triangle facades

Rectangular Prism

Rectangular prism facades

vertical facade access

Vertical facade

In this field we work according to the European standard EN 1808

It titles: Safety requirements for suspended access equipment - Design calculations, stability criteria, construction - Examinations and tests

EN 1808 specifies the requirements, test methods, marking and information to be provided by the manufacturer/supplier for suspended access equipment (SAE). It is applicable to both permanent and temporary equipment which can be powered or hand operated and which are defined in Clause 3. The requirements of this standard include the rails, tracks and other support systems on which SAE depend for their integrity and safety as well as taking into account all associated loads and fixings to the building structure. This document is not applicable to SAE which is manufactured before the date of its publication as an EN.

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